LKCAMP is a Linux Kernel study group open for everyone to participate.

Please, see About and Documentation pages for more information and how to get started.

Round 4 - Campinas/Brazil (Coming soon)

Attending the meetings

Remote participation

Planned meetings - 2020

  • 10 Mar (tue): Workshop: sending your first contribution
  • 17 Mar (tue): Workshop: sending your first contribution (cont)
  • 23 Mar (mon): Git: crash course
  • 24 Mar (tue): Device Drivers
  • 28 / 29 Mar (sat/sun): LKCAMPING video4linux
  • 31 Mar (tue): LKCAMPING (cont) or Syscalls (depending on the progress of the group)
  • 7 Apr (tue): Syscalls or another advanted topic (depending on the progress of the group)
  • Weekly meetings: Advanced topics
  • Happy Hour (TBD)


Previous rounds

Round 3 - Campinas/Brazil


Check our videos from previous rounds at the archived page

Round 1 - Blumenau-SC/Brazil


  • M1: Introdução ao Kernel do Linux

    • When: 21/May/2019
    • Presenters: David Emmerich Jourdain / Marcos Paulo de Souza
    • slides
    • video
  • M2: Hello World! Creating your first device driver in Linux Kernel

    • When: 25/Jun/2019
    • Presenters: Marcos Paulo de Souza

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